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Oak House

19 Queens Road, Weybridge,
Surrey, KT13 9UE
01932 829298

Heath Lodge

St. George's Avenue, Weybridge,
Surrey KT13 0DA
01932 854680

Surrey Rest Homes Ltd is a family run Company established in 2000 by Dr Ajit and Nishi Prasad based in and around Surrey. It currently owns and operates 2 Registered Dementia Care Homes.

Surrey Rest Homes Ltd has always valued its promise of ‘Providing Care without Compromise’ and a Home for life for our residents.

Our Homes are well equipped and especially catered to provide care for residents of all needs, whether it is for Respite Care, Long Term Care or Palliative End of Life Care. We pride ourselves in being able to provide outstanding individual personal centred care 24 hours a day to a variety of Residents with either single of Multiple needs.

The heart of our care is centred individually on each Resident, who are assessed and provided distinctive care based on their physical, emotional, social and preferred needs and wishes.

Providing Care without Compromise.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for elderly people who are unable to manage in their own homes. Our Homes are simply a home away from home.

Surrey Rest Homes believes that it is vital to have the quality of life, whereupon our Residents retain their identity, privacy and values whilst keeping their dignity and independence. Our Care plans are person-centred and we work closely with the Residents and their families to ensure they are able to make all choices for themselves.

Together with the excellent standard of care, Surrey Rest Homes promotes and encourages our residents to take part in activities to develop their previous skills, or new skills and build new interests to help form friendships and relationships within the Homes. Our Key Worker system ensures that our residents and their relative always have that relationship to offer emotional and social support. All our staff are highly qualified to work with our residents and continuously trained to a high standard to ensure their understanding of dementia and the difference in needs for each resident.